Hi, my name is Young and I'm a UX/UI Designer and Developer around DFW area. I have been working with many fortune 500 companies and numerous web & rich-media related projects. Also I'm in charge of Media department at Disciple Baptist Church and spend my extra time to serve and teach other people demanding of technology. You can follow me on twitter or facebook if you are interested in updates to my project and life.
Thanks for coming and God bless you!

People who know me
"Young is an top notch talent. He works tirelessly to make sure the visual solutions he provides are appropriate to the client's brand. His attention to detail and fresh/unique perspective make him a valuable asset to any project or team."
Chad Weaver - Senior Project Manager
Tribal DDB
"I have been fortunate to have worked with Young on a handful of projects throughout his career. Young is the arsenal of skills in the interactive space, and with every project, dedicates 100% effort everytime. He is fun and a pleasure to work with. A very talented and sincere individual."
Benedict Talplacido - Creative/Art Director
Benedict Talplacido
"Young makes any sales persons job easy. When people say a 'picture is worth a 1,000 words'...can you image how many words are said when you see one of his projects? He is truly a gifted individual when it comes to creative design, innovative ideas and flash animation/development. All you have to do is see his work...and it speaks for itself. Not only is Young extremely talented in his work, he is also awesome to work with. He has an amazing attitude and always has a bright smile on his face. I often escape to his work area for a breath of creativity and inspiration...his work gives you ideas for the next opportunity. (and he will admit...my creative direction is always beneficial). He is amazing!"
Mick Prendergast - VP, Business Developmen
Pursuant Sports
"I have known Young for about 7 years now that go back to our days learning at the Dallas Art Insitute, even at that time he displayed his amazing creative abilities in every aspect of multimedia. The work that he continues to accomplish is astonishing. He is truly a multimedia master. I have a ton of respect for Young. He is greatly talented and a down-to-earth nice guy."
Aaron Benson - Interactive Director
"Young Kim is a visionary! His talent knows no bounds. Young has the amazing ability to take a fledgling idea and make it a creative wonderful reality. He combines technical skills with unlimited creative ability; a rare gem in the web industry!"
Joshua Arterbury
Memorial Hermann Hospital
"I'm so glad I've gotten the opportunity to know and work with Young. His vision and attention to detail brings his work to life. Young has been helpful and encouraging from day one. He always wears a smile, and isn't afraid to admit that he likes tiny pink dresses!"
"Young is a great guy to work with. He is very talented and knowledgeable about design and multimedia. Young has been a great mentor to me, just when you think you might have stumped him he knows or finds a solution."
Kevin Baker
New Media Gateway
"I have had the privilege of knowing Young for nearly 7 years now and in that time he has never stopped improving his artistic or creative capabilities through any medium of design. In terms of providing creative direction to him, there's hardly any concept he doesn't grasp, or improve from brainstorming to when it comes to life in motion graphics, or printed materials. Young is by far THE most talented, creative, outstanding, and professional person AND artist. I've been blessed enough to know in my professional career."
Greg Colunga - Internet Strategist
KMA Direct Communications
"Young's proficiency in design and programming are only surpassed by his character and professionalism. He is a true talent equipped with an amazing eye and skillful hand; a person who is both dedicated and humble. It was an absolute pleasure working with him."
Paul Song - Marketing Director
"For the 5 years that I've know Young, he has always been positive, productive and creative. Young has an amazing ability to understand a vision and design a unique layout that represents the concept. I would work with Young anytime!"
Brian Estes - Director of Product Development
Roi Medium
"I met Young in 2004 as I started with New Media Gateway. I was very delighted to have worked with him on several projects and happy to still have him as a friend. Young is the most talented individual I've ever seen in creative design. His skills and capabilities go way beyond designing aesthetic websites, flash presentations, and 3D animations/effects. He also brings a great deal of professionalism, relentlessness, trust, and enthusiasm in the work environment; not to mention he's a great team player who's ready to volunteer and jump in when needed. I wish Young all the best in his career and future endeavors."
Mohamad M. Safa - EPM Technical Specialist
Baylor Health Care System
"Young has an engaging personality whether it be at the conference room table or just in the break room. His ability to deliver the vision of an idea is amazing and always is more than you expected. Young is a dedicated worker and deserves every bit of success that finds him. Good luck Young!"
James Sims - HR Director
Fritz Industries